Fees to Be an Active Member of JWPC

JWPC has 2 types of dues that are required to be an active member*: Practice Dues & Membership Dues. 

  • Practice dues are to cover rental fees for the pool.
  • Membership dues cover our team registration, basic equipment and other team administration fees.

*Note: Active members must also have a current USA Water Polo Membership

Please select the dues you are paying below.

Note: If you are having issues with the payment buttons below, you can send paypal direct payments to jaxwaterpolo @ gmail.com

Water Polo Practice Dues

Annual – $360.00

Quarterly – $105.00

Monthly – $40.00 (only for special exceptions)

Payment Type

Annual JWPC Club Membership

$100 per year (or pro-rated by quarter)
*Does not include your USA Water Polo Membership

Please select standard or pro-rated rate
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